Wednesday 6 December 2023

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Welcome to the Training Center "Centro Servizi Formativi - Magliano di Tenna | Fermo"

By being aware that the real treasure of each one of us resides in knowledge and that the strategic value and main objective of training is increasing the potential of young and adult people, developing technical and managerial skills, and an active reflection on one's own abilities, C.S.F. snc di Ing. Paolo Ricci & C. – Training Center - is at the service of anyone who needs to increase their own personal knowledge.

Our training courses are designed, managed and implemented with private funding or through public funds, identifying custom opportunities and needs on a case-by-case basis.

Our training offering comprises in-house courses with a "customly designed" training programme to reach the results expected by the business, intercompany courses highly specialized training programmes for artisans, students, employees, managers, business managers, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, masters training programmes of medium/long-term duration especially intended for newly-graduated individuals to ease the process of introduction to the companies, or to help them in their own path of professional growth. "Learning by doing" is the type of education being used, which is ideal to engage the partecipants and turn them into actively involved actors of their own training.

In the Courses section you can find all of CSF's training offering and in the Contact section you can sign up to be always up-to-date with CSF's news.

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